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Cell-free DNA Quantitative Detection Kit is a duplex fluorescence PCR which incorporates a novel technology with an internal standard for the quantitative detection of plasma DNA. Research by Prof. Pan from the Department of Laboratory Medicine of the First Affiliated Hospital of Nanjing Medical University, China, found that the level of plasma DNA is an indicator, and sensitively reflects the damage of tissues and organs and its severity.


The combination of the unique design of primers and probes and the internal parameters solved the issues in traditional quantitative detection for plasma DNA regarding poor accuracy and stability. Through the real-time dynamic monitor of abnormal cell death, the quantitative measurement could play a crucial role in the assessment of patients' illness severity, treatment efficacy monitoring and prognosis.


This device with breakthrough technology is used as an aid to assist doctors to decide which patients and when should be treated with more aggressive interventions, as a result to improve the cure rate and lower the mortality rate. 

During the earlier research, this technology had been applied on various common clinical severe diseases, including acute infection, trauma, organ failure, and drug side effects, for the use of a quick assessment, condition dynamic monitoring, treatment monitoring, and precision diagnosis and treatment guidance.

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